About us

About us

We are a company conceived as a family, we formed in 2009, by our founder with more the 20 years of experience in this matter and since then,  we have sought to satisfy the needs of the current market through our crops.

Paula Nicole  is a Farm producing “Cavendish” banana type, it started in 1996 with the name of "Virgen del Cisne", and successfully worked short time crops such as passion fruit, and Bamboo.

However, the pro-active impetus and the love for the lands , made it possible to acquire the "Paula Nicole" farm, an agricultural estate that began with 450 boxes of “Cavendish” banana per week, and after a year reached to 1200 boxes per week.

Unfortunately in 2008 the farm was expropriated for the construction of a hydroelectric dam, this event was not a farewell to the passionate sowing, and after the search for the best land, in 2009 the new Farm "Paula Nicole" was acquired, starting with 320 hectares of Land where 150 hectares were allocated to the William variety banana.  For the year 2010, 50 more hectares of banana are planted and Hacienda Paula Nicole becomes one of the most important producers of this fruit in the área, , reaching a production of half of million boxes per year.

For 2012, we started with the diversification of crops,  not only because we obtained “AAA” quality fruit, but also our passion gived in each cluster of fruit,  made us believe in the importance of taking advantage of every corner of the soil.

During this year (2016) the efforts have been focused on planting cocoa, which is expected to start harvesting this valuable product next year.

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Deliver the best product, meeting the highest standards of quality, excellence and environmental care, meet all the requirements of our customers,  surpassing the requirement of the international market.
Social Responsibility with all the benefits and more…
Performance in everything, meeting and exceeding the highest standards of quality and excellence, with clear objectives of high productivity, in order to be, reference leaders in our production, with the purpose of being "always the best".
Honesty, Loyalty, Fidelity, Excellence, Kindness, Fellowship, Friendship, Constancy.